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Continuing Education
Certificate of Completion: Gas Metal Arc Welding
The Gas Metal Arc Welding Program provides instruction in the gas metal arc welding and flux cored arc welding processes, on ferrous and non ferrous materials. Workplace skills including math, communications and business ethics are integrated into the curriculum. Students successfully completing this course will be prepared for entry level and/or journeyman positions. American Welding Society standards are used.
Program Hours = 600
Career Options:
Estimated Time for Completion*: 12 months
Estimated Cost per Semester**:
  • Tuition and Fees: $0
  • Books and Supplies: $252
  • Off-campus Room and Board: $5,635
  • Other Costs:
Program Completion Rate: 0%
(based on normal completion time)
Total Completers: 11
Completed on Time: 0
Part-time Completion Rate: 18%
(based on part-time enrollment)
Total Completers: 11
Completed on Time: 2
*Estimated time for completion is based upon normal time to complete the program and will vary for students who enroll part-time and for students who need to complete basic skills preparatory courses.
**Estimated costs per semester, based upon full-time enrollment of 12 units.